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Our company makes 100% recycled paperboard. From construction products to literally hundreds of paperboard grades, you will find what you are looking for….plus the quality, service and commitment.

Newark Recycled Paperboard Solutions has been in the recycled paperboard business for over 100 years. Many of our patented solutions have helped our customers find new business and grow their business.

Not only are we a 100% recycled business, we are taking major steps to make all our facilities as sustainable as possible and do more to lower our carbon footprint.

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What's New

  • ARCHITECT Magazine: Rebar Chair in January Issue

    NewForm® WireHolder™ rebar chairs

    NewForm® WireHolder™ rebar chairs is a green alternative to standard rebar chairs for cast-in-place concrete. Made of recycled paperboard, it keeps mesh, cable, and reinforcing steel off formwork or the ground during pours.

  • NewForm® WireHolder™ rebar chairs

    NewForm® WireHolder™ rebar chairs

    Rebar chairs made of 100% recycled paperboard. Works with mesh, rebar and cable for concrete construction.


  • Newark Centurion® MultiEdge protection

    Door Jamb Protection (Bin stuck in door)

    Temporary surface protection for door jamb and header areas. Guards against gouges, nicks and scratches that can occur on the worksite. Protects trimwork.

  • Newark Centurion® Temporary Surface Protection for Floors and other Surfaces

    Centurion Floor Protection (forklift)

    Temporary surface protection guards against water, paint, mud and more. Print your logo on the product.

  • Newark Centurion® DetecProtec™ floor protection

    Newark Centurion® DetecProtec™ floor protection

    DetecProtec™ floor protection covers and protects garage floors and work surfaces.

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New Products and Customer Testimonial

  • Newark Recycled Paperboard Solutions introduces five new products for building and construction

    Newark Recycled Paperboard Solutions introduces five new products for building and construction

  • Wilsonart and Newark group video

    Learn more about us from one of our customers.

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