Newark, originally The Newark Group, was founded in 1912. Over the course of our history, we've learned what it means to be a success, and products are just a part of that definition.

We attribute our success and growth to four basic principles:

  • We focus on customers, servicing them better than anyone else and developing product solutions to address their most difficult issues.
  • We are vertically integrated from recycling to converted product, making us our own largest customer, enabling us to control the quality of our paperboard, and giving us first hand knowledge of every aspect of the industry.
  • We continually reinvest in our business so that we are able to create the best product at the best price for our customers.
  • We have the best people and provide them with a safe environment in which to do their best work.

In 2013, Newark became Newark Recycled Paperboard Solutions. The company was rebranded to better reflect the upward direction that the company was taking.

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