Newark is a recognized leader in innovative paperboard packaging solutions. We serve industries ranging from lighting to construction. We specialize in addressing problems in the shipping, storage and packaging industries. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop innovative paperboard solutions that help customers to operate more efficiently while creating a more resource-efficient environment.

Unlike other companies that create products and then try to identify markets for them, Newark engineers its products based on the needs of its customers. Here are some of our most recent innovations.

Newark Video Library

Newark’s Brand Pillars Video

Paul Spitale, Corporate Vice President of Sales and Marketing explains the Newark Brand Pillars and why they are an integral part of how Newark conducts business.

Newark and the George Brown Green Building Centre Video

Newark and the George Brown Green Building Centre partnered on testing the Newark WireHolder rebar chairs. This video highlights how the testing was accomplished.

Tour of new products in Newark’s booth at the World of Concrete Show Video

Paul Spitale, Corporate Vice President of Sales and Marketing gives you a personal tour of Newark’s booth at the 2014 World of Concrete. Six new innovative products were introduced at this show and Paul will tell you about them.

Newark NewForm® WireHolder rebar chair Video

Newark NewForm® WireHolder rebar chairs are for use in concrete construction. They are made of 100% recycled paperboard. They lift the mesh, cable and/or wire off the ground, keeping the mesh supported above the membrane before and during concrete pouring. Cutouts on the product allow concrete to flow through and around it.

Newark Centurion® OverDoor Pak Video

Newark Centurion® OverDoor Pak is a convenient and quick way to protect doors during construction or maintenance. The Overdoor Pak acts as a protective sandwich. It is made of heavy duty 100% recycled paperboard on the outside layer and foam on the inside. Tough non-woven hinge material is at the top of door. This door protection folds up into a compact size for ease of transport to the next job site. It can be reused many times.

Newark Centurion® SoftShield surface protection Video

Newark Centurion® SoftShield is a sheet of 40pt 100% recycled paperboard with 1/8” foam adhered to one entire side. Strong and tough on one side and soft on the other. The foam backing is great for protecting delicate surfaces such as granite countertops during construction or remodeling.

Newark Centurion® ProtecDetec™ floor protection Video

Newark Centurion® ProtecDetec™ is a 36” x 45” sheet used for floor protection and identifying fluid leaks. The brown coated side shields and protects garage floors and work surfaces. The other side is a soft, white ply. You can use this under cars, motorcycles etc, to find out if any fluids are leaking and determine what they are.

Newark Centurion® Temporary Surface Protection for Floors and other Surfaces Video

Newark Centurion® for Floors is made of 100% recycled paperboard and comes in a roll. It lays flat and can be reused. It protects wood, tile, stone, concrete, colored concrete, vinyl and other surfaces from damage or spills during construction and maintenance. This can be private labeled.

The Newark Advantage Video

Learn more about us from one of our customers.

Industrial Packaging

A window covering manufacturer was experiencing product damage in storage and shipping.

  • Newark created a one-piece, self-folding Fiberwrap® solution with protective ends that provided all the protection they needed.
  • Our Fiberwrap® solution grew to become the standard in the window blind industry and the solution in other industries where linear products often needed to be secured.

Edge Protection

A siding manufacturer needed more substantial pallet protection for its large, flat products.

Newark developed NewEdge® Guards; a puncture-resistant, impact-absorbing solution that protects the product in shipping and storage.

A customer in the forestry industry was laboring with automatic banding problems.

Newark created FiberStraps®; a flat, internally-hinged strap protection solution that lowered costs directly and through improved efficiencies.

Storage and Shipping

A lighting company needed a better solution for securing its product in shipping.

  • Newark developed a die-cut packaging system from laminated paperboard designed to secure a single light in a single package.
  • This solution has since been modified for other glass manufacturers both within and outside of the lighting arena.

Consumer Packaging

A consumer products packaging manufacturer was experiencing warp problems with micro-flute.

Newark developed NewGen®, an economical, low-density, high-stiffness solidboard solution made with 85% post-consumer recycled materials. It has the added advantage of offering excellent printability and enabling production at higher press speeds.


A construction industry customer told us of problems in cutting concrete forming tubes in the field.

Newark created our exclusive NewForm® concrete forming tubes with Cut-Away®, the only construction tubes with cut marks every twelve inches to greatly simplify field measurement.

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